I have recently come across a lot of news with the buzzword “NFT” and it appears to be the latest blockchain trend to make money off it. All the celebrities and companies are converting their valued and sometimes strangely unique artefact and converting it into a digital format called NFT and selling it for thousands of dollars.

Jack Dorsey (Founder and CEO of Twitter) sold the below tweet for $2.9 million. This was the very first tweet on twitter back in 2006.

Thanks, Mariya. Glad that you enjoyed reading the article.

If you are a Product Manager (PM), it is highly likely that you dread the month before a new quarter begins. YOU, my friend, have to decide what your tech team will spend 25% of their year building.

Your customer success team wants you to build that long-pending feature request raised by the customer, while your sales team wants you to build that one feature every prospect is asking for but you don’t have. Your lead engineers are constantly reminding you about that piece of code they need to go back and improve, while the leadership nudges you towards the…

Do you really know who your user is?

In any company, you, a product manager, are the voice of the end user. In order to be user-centric, you need to know who the product user really is and what are the motivations that drive or deter the usage. While the problem you are trying to solve remains the same, the way users adopt the solution is quite different from each other. This is because “everyone is different”. You need to appreciate this difference and build your product according to the broad uniqueness of these users. In comes user personas.

What is a user persona?

User personas are a set of details of an…

Rohit Nadgouda

Principal Product Manager @ Locus.sh, Alumni of IIFT Delhi and NIT Surathkal. Reach me at readwithrohit@gmail.com

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